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Imagine that tomorrow morning you wake up, open your phone or laptop, and right there in front of you is a short (but clear) list of EXACTLY what you need to do today to improve as a runner or triathlete.

It’s not the same plan given to anyone else or made for the masses.

It’s not filled with details you need to guess at like “threshold effort” or “race pace”.

Rather, it’s a plan designed to improve your weaknesses, with specific details and exact effort levels, and includes the exact strength work you need to do.

This is exactly what we have done for our Prs Fit Team members since 1999 and it has resulted in achieving PRs from 5k to the marathon, sprint triathlon to Ironman.

Now, while I think the numbers speak for themselves, I know you may have questions about how an online training program could work. Specifically, how we can coach runners and triathletes online, how a custom plan is different from a free plan, and if it would work for your situation.

So, in this email I am going to answer many of these common questions that I think you’ll relate to.

Common questions about online coaching

1. I am skeptical of never meeting my coach – how does that work?

First, the data from your runs is the most important aspect of coaching. How you felt, your splits, and other data you provide are more than enough to make informed decisions about what we need to adjust.

Even in person, it’s unlikely you’d meet your coach for every workout unless you were an elite. An “in person” coach would still be relying on your data. Like an in-person coach, we get to see you every day via our Final Surge platform when you log your swim, bike and runs.

Finally, we’ve been coaching online for a long time. We’ve learned how to develop great relationships with our athletes.

2. How is this plan better than a cheaper plan or a free one?

We did some research gathering from our email list 2 years ago and the data showed that runners and triathletes who used a custom plan ran 10% faster and were injured 36% less than runners who used a basic plan.

3. How can you coach if you can’t watch me run?

First, the idea that there is a “perfect” running form that all runners need to aspire to is outdated thinking. However, we do offer you video analysis of your running and swimming form to make adjustments that will increase your efficiency and performance.

We don’t just provide you with a training schedule either. Our plans come with strength training and injury prevention built in, a 6 week improve form course so you can assess your own form, and video tests you can perform that identify your potential problem areas.

In essence, even though we’re online, we give you and ourselves the tools and data we need to make sure we have everything right, even without watching you run.

4. Do you work with athletes like me?

We get this question a lot. The answer is yes. Our only requirement is a desire to improve.We have quite a few runners and triathletes who have just started, and a host of athletes striving for personal breakthroughs.

For more information on how to become part of the Team, or to set up a personal call with a coach, contact us at or

Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

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